church planting as movement

I say to people all the time, “The church is born with a Womb.” That is maybe a strange way to put it, but in my experience, churches rarely conceptualize themselves as church planting movements. Church plants and planters are courageous types, forging new territory for mission, reaching people that more historical churches cannot. That said, church planting usually is seen as a single act, planting a single church, rather than preparing from the very beginning to be a missionary movement. I have always believed that we don’t see movement because we fail to see ourselves rightly. When we planted Immanuel 3 ½ years ago, we framed into the very DNA of our being not only the need but also the priority to multiply. And, not just disciples, but discipling communities (btw – IMHO, this is a critically significant aspect of discipleship). Discipling is a communal venture. Our hope and intention, at Immanuel (the plant that I help lead) is to not only be a presence of shalom in the West Central neighborhood of Spokane but that that shalom would be extended to other neighborhoods in our city, regions and even countries. We are purposely shaping our priorities to live into God’s dream of multiplication. read more

my journey | interview from re-story podcast

I have known Mary DeMuth for some time now, as she and her husband Patrick were missionaries in France with the organization I led – Communitas International, formerly Christian Associates. She is a prolific writer, mentor and nationally sought after speaker. She asked if I would spend a bit of time talking about the transitions I’ve had going from a local church leader to the CEO of an international mission and then back to the local church as a planter. I unpacked some of the micro-conversions I have had from inside of the faith. It was a blast to chat with her. read more


I’m sorry, I have been trying to stay out of the political posts, but I find it unethical and incredibly irresponsible for a wiretapping accusation to be made about a former President and then walk it back like it didn’t happen. So, you can rashly besmirch someone and then just say, “JK?” How long will we or can we tolerate such recklessness and/or tactics? This stuff continues to boggle my mind. read more

Alternative Politic

If you say you are a Christian, it is not an option – you must begin with theology (who is God, who am I before Him and what does He desire), rather than nationalism or partisanship (what is best for our country or the party I belong to) in discerning how to engage culture. While the latter is important, we must be the best of citizens; it MUST be subjugated to the will and ethic of the Kingdom. The most frightening thing for me is not our new President, or Russia or Islam or Fake News, or some other external influence, though each carry with them a reason for consternation. The thing that frightens me most is the famine of “believers” who recognize the collision of Kingdoms that is taking place around them. read more

Understand before being Understood

Thanks to my wise wife, I am trying my level best seek to understand before being understood when it comes to folks who have and are endorsing Donald Trump. I am truly trying. That is the reason I stopped posting about the election or Trump some time ago. I would hope that those same people would attempt the same exercise when aggressively speaking out against those who are resisting the incoming president. If you think it is just sour-grapes, you have remarkably missed the reason. read more