Church Buildings – Pro or Con

Years ago, I was having a weekly breakfast with a group of pastors who led downtown churches in my city (that is what pastors do, right? Eat!). One of them I became exceptionally fond of. He was nearing retirement and I found his insights particularly insightful. On one occasion, I asked him if he had any wisdom he’d like to pass on to me (I was one of the young ones then). He said if he were to do it all over again he’d sell the church buildings. Firm, resolute…unflinching…sell em all! He felt like they stole focus from the “main
thing” he was trying to accomplish. read more

How to Plant a Church


This is both funny and terrifyingly close to what happens in most new church plants – where the missio Dei gets talked about and maybe even included in the name of the church but rarely lived out. It is enough to draw a crowd of already socialized Christians…right? read more