Missional Church in Europe

Riverside church


"The local church in much of Europe is like a crippled man.  We must not turn in disgust and abandon this hurting man.  We also must not criticize him for how he got himself in this position, or walk around him to get our task done.  We must come alongside him and help him to walk straight and powerfully.  Indeed, this man could bring great hope to his people if first healed and directed onward!" read more

Islamic Tension in Europe – One Case in Point

I knew I stood in the wrong line almost
immediately.  There were several
Irish couples (fifty-ish) and in front of them a young Muslim family of five.  The wife wore a "hijab" with full-face cover and I was wondering if
she was going to get through without disclosing who she was.  I wasn’t the only one.  As she went forward (with her family)
literally every one of the Irish folk careened their necks to see what would
happen.  Well, after a lengthy
wait, with lots of hand motions and consternation, she turned discretely toward
the customs-officer and revealed her face. read more