Hospitality = Mission

By Caitlin

I heard a a sermon back in October about hospitality. I had always thought previously that sermons on hospitality were aimed primarily at people like my parents, who have a house and can make space to let people stay the night and have a meal or two. It wasn’t until I heard this particular sermon that I realized how much broader the definition of hospitality is, and that in order to truly live it out, a change had to happen in my heart. read more

Would You Like to Come Over for Dinner?


            Ever since entering this class, I have been wondering what it looks like to do mission. After hearing four pastors talk about what it is like to live missionally in their neighborhoods, I noticed a common thread: hospitality. read more

Hospitality as Resistance (a re-post)

 One person has stated that hospitality is resistance.  In a world that caters to the rich, uber gifted and best looking, true Biblical hospitality is a prophetic voice.  When the larger empire disregards and dishonors certain persons, small acts of respect and welcome are powerful gestures of a greater Kingdom!  The apostle Paul commanded the Christian as part of what it means to “offer our bodies a living sacrifice…” to “…practice hospitality.”  This is not an option.  That really is what is amazingly attractive about Jesus for me.  He was not a respecter of persons.  I find myself in this dual processing battle daily on how to mete out my “precious” time, but Jesus seemed to sashay through the daily with an ease and acceptance of the moment…that each person he met held the same value and importance as the next and he stopped and ate.  He broke bread and drank (Luke 5:30) with people who probably could or would never repay him.  Counter-culturalism at its finest. read more