Missional Middle Schoolers: Mission Impossible?


By Kenny 

I am about to head into fulltime youth ministry at the end of this school year. I have given a good amount of thought to what ‘missions’ should look like in the context of my ministry. Truthfully, I haven’t given much thought on how to cultivate ‘missional’ students until this class. Going to New Orleans or Ensenada or Haiti to help build, or rebuild homes or to run VBS for the kids of those communities is one thing, but to in read more

New Eyes


Many of us have written about our “exercise” this past Tuesday, having gone into one of Spokane’s many neighborhoods, observing, listening, trying to sow peace, learning, and all the other things we did that day. A few of my classmates might have similar feelings, but one of the strange things for me was the newness of the experience, despite my ties to Spokane. My group visited the South Perry District, a part of Spokane’s south hill. I have grown up in Spokane, and this year has been my first “away from home.” The Perry District is somewhere that I spent an enormous amount of time in for about the last year and a half before I graduated. I had some close friends living in a rather run-down house just a few blocks away from Grant elementary school. The strangest thing for me was feeling as though there were things I ought to have known about a neighborhood I have been so close to. In that sense it did give me a kind of ache; maybe I was internalizing it too much. All the same, there was a slight feeling of irresponsibility on my part. However, much more than that, I received an overwhelming feeling of energy from it. We didn’t walk all of the neighborhood: there was simply too much ground to cover. But we were walking with intentionality. We intended to look, learn, and listen. The whole time all I could think was that I want to walk my whole city with intentionality, and see what I can discover. I was reminded that learning curves exist, and it’s okay that I was experiencing something different. I hadn’t been irresponsible, I just hadn’t been looking in the right way before. And I still won’t always look the “right way,” because it’s difficult to constantly walk with intentionality. But I have made discoveries, and part of the amazing thing about mission is the fact that we get to discover new and exciting things about cities, people, and ourselves, and that, my friends, is what makes it so invigorating. read more

Christian Associates’ Project in Sweden (by Dudley Callison and Marcus Fritch)

Despite a rich heritage of revival and global missions, Sweden is now one of the most secular societies in the world. The past 100 years have seen significant transformations, resulting in a surge of materialism, isolation, and relational fractures. Equally dramatic is the perilous decline in church participation. Sadly, the Swedish state church is seen as a mere cultural stepping-stone, lacking tangible spiritual vitality and influence. read more

INFUSE Missional Project….first night


 It was a great night at INFUSE getting a chance to unpack the issue of Mission; in the context of passionate thinkers and faithful practitioners from multiple churches. Felt good to be in a room full of people that are speaking a language you’re hearing in your soul. It was also great to meet some new friends who are working it all out in their own neighborhoods in the same city. Props to Dan and Rob for facilitating great discussion, solid content all within an engaging format.  read more

Infuse Missional Project – Train the Trainer Event

If you read my
last post you know that I’m in Los Angeles right now just wrapping up a
training module on equipping people to teach the infuse Missional Project.  It is a intensive first step for those
interested in discovering how they fit in Western culture mission.   The training went fantastic! read more

INFUSE Missional Training Event – Training Trainers


I head out to Los Angeles tomorrow to join up with Dan Steigerwald and several others in a “Train the Trainer” event. It is another piece of our effort to push out the INFUSE MIssional Training

 that we have put together. There will be
potential trainers from Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, and Spokane.  This
curriculum is being facilitated in partnership with FORGE America.  It
should be a great time of learning how to raise at missional pioneers in our
cities. read more

Missional Shifts in the European Church – Martin Robinson

via vimeo.com

Here is a video from friend and theologian, Martin Robinson on changes he sees in the church in Europe.  He leads an organization called Together in Mission (TIM). I had dinner with him in Birmingham a few weeks ago and he shared both optimism and caution about the church in western culture. One thing he did communicate was that he saw few who were reaching the 20 year old in the UK.  A niche that I believe needs passionate Gospel investment.  He see the greatest portion of missional church planting in the suburban context. read more