The Listening Leader or Is Christian Leadership and Listening Oxymoronic?

I have started on one of those “Read Through
the Bible in a Year” programs for 2013. I have done this annually for many years but
have dropped the practice in the last few for a variety of reasons.
Nonetheless, I believe it is vital to get the full scope of Scripture and there
are no shortcuts in getting there. You just have to sit down and read. I
believe that the Gospel is found in the entire Bible, not just in select verses
that evangelicals have hyper-focused on for the last several decades. It was
NT Wright and a few others who have asked the poignant question: Do we actually need
to read the whole of Scripture to arrive at a clear and full understanding of
the gospel?” Sadly, most will unequivocally say that you need to engage the
full corpus of Scripture, but in real time their lives deny the fact.  read more

Leadership, the Self-Life and the Kingdom

The Franciscan, Richard Rohr in his book on Simplicity wrote:

“Three things that in my opinion we have to let go of are
the following: First there is the compulsion to be successful.  Second is the compulsion to be right –
even, and especially, to be theologically right…Finally there is the compulsion
to be powerful, to have everything under control.” (Simplicity –
the art of living  – p. 44) read more

INFUSE Missional Project….first night


 It was a great night at INFUSE getting a chance to unpack the issue of Mission; in the context of passionate thinkers and faithful practitioners from multiple churches. Felt good to be in a room full of people that are speaking a language you’re hearing in your soul. It was also great to meet some new friends who are working it all out in their own neighborhoods in the same city. Props to Dan and Rob for facilitating great discussion, solid content all within an engaging format.  read more

Infuse Missional Project – Train the Trainer Event

If you read my
last post you know that I’m in Los Angeles right now just wrapping up a
training module on equipping people to teach the infuse Missional Project.  It is a intensive first step for those
interested in discovering how they fit in Western culture mission.   The training went fantastic! read more

INFUSE Missional Training Event – Training Trainers


I head out to Los Angeles tomorrow to join up with Dan Steigerwald and several others in a “Train the Trainer” event. It is another piece of our effort to push out the INFUSE MIssional Training

 that we have put together. There will be
potential trainers from Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, and Spokane.  This
curriculum is being facilitated in partnership with FORGE America.  It
should be a great time of learning how to raise at missional pioneers in our
cities. read more

Are All Leaders Created Equal?

Robi (my wife) to Trey (my 9 year old son) – “Hey Trey, did you know that when
your Dad was in college he was a better basketball player than Michael
Jordan?  Trey: “No way, he was that
good?”  Robi: “Actually no, when
your dad was in college Michael Jordan was 13.” 
read more