Thoughts on Growing Old/er


The tree with the old dog, Buckley

This morning (my birthday) I was reading some poetry to my wife outside under our lovely birch tree in our front yard.  Sitting under this tree has been the launching pad for some of our most stimulating conversations.  With a cup of coffee or glass of wine, an endless line of wonderful friends have sat with us under this colossal tree over the years.  It reminds me of what Eden must have been like.   read more

Help Us to Live Like We Sing

At the beginning of the summer,
knowing that I was going to be speakng New Community's commissioning service at
the end of August, I ask one of the young lady's (Danielle Estelle – who is a
slam poet) from our church to write a poem about being sent out.  I asked
her to use Isaiah 6 as a starting point and create from there.  Here is
the wonderful upshot of her creative process.  After reading Isaiah 6
(also cited here), she recited the poem with such beauty and passion that
morning.  I asked her if I could post it here for you all.   read more

God, Justice


You are the God of holiness

You are the God of Justice

You are the God of love

In your holiness you teach that you value purity…pure
hearts, pure dreams and pure hands read more