Rob Bell Comes Clean

In fairness to Rob Bell, here he is with a statement of his creed.  It's quick and you might want to listen.  I am sure this will infuriate some and allay others.  Regardless, from one Rob to another – Grace. read more

Rob Bell is NOT a Universalist (and I actually read “Love Wins”)

On the basis of a publisher’s promotional paragraph and an advertising video in which Rob Bell questions someone’s certainty that Ghandi is in hell, Justin Taylor sounded the web-wide alarm that Rob Bell’s forthcoming book Love Wins espouses universalism (the doctrine that everyone will eventually be saved). Though he too had not yet read the book, John Piper followed up with a puzzling melodramatic tweet bidding Rob Bell “Farewell“. An avalanche of tweets ensued — all (so far as I could discern) by people who had not read Bell’s forthcoming book — to the point that this yet-unpublished book became one of the top ten tweeted topics. (If this was planned by HarperCollins, the publisher of Love Wins, it was brilliant!!!) read more