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A record crowd of more than 2,500 turned out in Atlanta this week for the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, focused on “Justification By Faith.” The conference’s main event—three papers and debate over justification between New Testament scholars Frank Thielman, Tom Schreiner, and N. T. Wright—might be about three years too late to slow the spread of controversy over justification that has gripped evangelicals. Unfortunately, a planned face-to-face discussion between John Piper and Wright fell through when Piper took an extended sabbatical. But the novelty of pairing Wright on a panel with Schreiner, another key critic, still riveted an audience that enjoyed more than two hours of sustained debate over New Testament texts, Greek terminology, and ancient Near Eastern and Roman society. read more

Missional Shifts in the European Church – Martin Robinson

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Here is a video from friend and theologian, Martin Robinson on changes he sees in the church in Europe.  He leads an organization called Together in Mission (TIM). I had dinner with him in Birmingham a few weeks ago and he shared both optimism and caution about the church in western culture. One thing he did communicate was that he saw few who were reaching the 20 year old in the UK.  A niche that I believe needs passionate Gospel investment.  He see the greatest portion of missional church planting in the suburban context. read more