books and prayers and things

When I read this today, I thought to myself, “Has she seen my desk, my bedroom, my house?”

“Wherever I have lived my room and soon
the entire house is filled with books;
poems, stories, histories, prayers of
all kinds stand up gracefully or are
heaped on shelves, on the floor, on
the bed. Strangers old the new offering
their words bountifully and thoughtfully,
lifting my heart.

“But, wait! I have made a mistake! How
could these makers of so many books
that have given so much to my life –
how could they possibly be strangers?

Mary Oliver, Upstream

My desk without moving a thing to make this post!

You could conjecture a couple of things from the picture. One, I love books (even look under the desk). If you could scan my room, it is as if my life is held together by them. Two, there is not just a little chaos in my world. Sometimes good, sometimes…well, it’s chaotic. 🙂

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  1. Oh yes the chaos of papers, books, stuff, and now I have brought large live creatures into our home to just make it worse! Maybe I need to write a poem.

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