August 15- On This Day in the Story of our Tribe


1534 – The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) was founded by Ignatius of
Loyola, 43. Created to foster reform within Catholicism, and to undertake
education and missionary work, this colorful religious order was formally
approved by Pope Paul III in 1540.
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August 11 – On this day in the story of our Tribe


1968 – Presbyterian apologist Francis Schaeffer wrote in a letter:
‘We live in an abnormal world and all kinds of things do exist, but this does
not make them right.’
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Experiential Currencies


July 29, 2008
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August 10 – On this day in the story of our Tribe


1948 – English apologist C.S. Lewis wrote in a letter: ‘We ought
to give thanks for all fortune: if it is good, because it is good; if bad,
because it works in us patience, humility, contempt of this world and the hope
of our eternal country.’
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August 9 – On this day in the story of our Tribe

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Thoughts on Injustice from a Prophet


In Jeremiah 21 and 22 there is a stern warning of judgment
to the reigning kings at that time. This
is pre-70 year captivity in Babylon. The
prophet literally rails against these kings calling them evil, cunning and heartless. Seriously harsh and seriously politically
incorrect. The fascinating aspect of Jeremiah’s
declaration was where God’s displeasure flowed from. He states in Jeremiah 22 that the reason for
such rile is because of how these kings dealt with the poor and disenfranchised. He uses language of justice like “…do what
is just and right. Rescue from the hand
of his oppressor the one who has been robbed. Do no wrong or violence to the alien, the fatherless or widow, and do
not shed innocent blood in this place…” This
is intense, to say the least. If a
leader is unjust and treats others with disdain, or with inequality (for me
that would mean un-Jesus like) then grave consequences certainly follow. He cries out, “Woe to him who builds his palace
by unrighteousness, his upper rooms by injustice, making his countrymen work
for nothing, not paying them for their labor.” (Jeremiah 22:13) In other words, if you are “making it” on the
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In My Confusion: a prayer


I come to you with a confused humility – knowingly broken
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Postures Toward War


Robi a
nd I had lunch with a woman
yesterday who had visited our church who is
a refugee from Iraq.  What
ensued was a fascinating conversation about her perspective of the war in her
land.  As is
the case every time this type of interaction happens, my paradigms
are stretched (sometimes exploded).  Being a cool purple church, I
was taken aback by her unapologetic pro-war talk (in my world it is rare to
find someone of that ilk – most in our world are de facto Bush haters).
She talked of the increase
d freedom for the church in Iraq that has been a
by-product of the war.  According to her, before the war there were no
evangelical churches allowed in Baghdad and now there are like nineteen of
them.  In fact, she spoke of one Baptist group who are actually officially
approved by the government.  She also informed me that Muslims in Iraq are
thrilled about the possibility of an Obama presidency (maybe more on that
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